photograph courtesy of A.J. Marino

Meyers Community Foundation

Grant Process

The Meyers Community Foundation would like to support projects within Meyers that enrich and improve our community. Grant requests are accepted on an ongoing basis. Proposals should be e-mailed to the foundation. Questions are welcome. If you are interested in receiving support, please follow these steps:

1.     In less than a page describe your project and answer these questions: What is it? Where will it occur? When will it begin and tentatively when will it conclude? How it will benefit Meyers?  How much are you requesting and how does this fit within the larger financial scope of the project? Feel free to add photos or diagrams. When it's ready, e-mail it to us.

2.     Once your proposal is received by the Meyers Community Foundation it will be reviewed and you may be asked to attend a Board meeting to answer follow up questions. The Meyers Community Foundation will respond within 30 days after this meeting.

3.     If selected to receive support, funds will need to be used within a set amount of time. Recipients will be required to write a brief written report on use of the funds upon completion of the project.

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