The Alienable Rights of Women by Roxane Gay • Before Roe v. Wade by Betty MacDonald • Remember Savita Halappanavar by Katha Pollitt • Ask an Abortion Provider by Dolores P. • Confessions of a Good Girl by Sari Botton • Three Heresies by Addy Robinson McCulloch • Ripple Effect by Tara Murtha • Lucky Breaks and Little Miracles by Sarah Mirk • A Mile in Their Shoes by Kari O’Driscoll • Knocked Over: On Biology, Magical Thinking, and Choice by Martha Bayne • Endo by Janet Frishberg • Un-Bearing by Mira Ptacin • Grown-Woman Swagger by J.Victoria Sanders • Justice for All by s.e. smith • The Great Leap Backward by Camille Hayes • Birdsong and Gunshot by Rebecca K. O’Connor • Explicit Violence by Lidia Yuknavitch • Caffeine-Free Rape by Elissa Bassist • I Know Who You Raped Last Summer • Kevin Sampsell • Don’t Know Much About Biology by Kate Sheppard • Binders Full of Women, Episode 1: The Story of Mary and Bill by Rebecca Cohen •